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October 26, 2022
Leveraging desktop CNC technology for Education
By Chris Cardinal
engineering college student
engineering college student

In today’s fast paced world, educators are finding it more and more difficult to engage students and keep them attentive during a lesson. Statistics show that by presenting students with hands-on exercises, even the most disaffected students can become interested in their lessons. By leveraging desktop CNC technology and existing curriculums, students gain valuable hands-on experience that will serve them throughout their careers.

stem learning

The Future of Education is STEM!
STEM related fields are powering the growth industries of the future. By empowering our students of today with the tools of tomorrow, we can help guide them through their journey on the road to success. Much like a textbook, the WAZER is just another tool for education; but it’s way more fun!

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Building Blocks for Success
Providing students with educators who care about them is only part of the solution. Leveraging available desktop CNC technology is crucial for students developing such important traits as critical thinking and problem solving, while creating curious individuals eager to solve the world’s most pressing problems.

See what the data says, and learn how your school can be part of a paradigm shift in education with a WAZER.
STEM education breaks down barriers between gender, race, and economics. By leveling the playing field for students, everyone benefits-both today and tomorrow.

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Imagine what a STEM program based around desktop CNC technology like the WAZER could do for your students’ future. For a comparatively minimal investment, your students will have a crucial advantage over their peers in today’s ever-competitive job market, and learn life skills that can only be taught through a hands-on application.