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October 13, 2022
A Waterjet Can Cut Any Material
By Chris Cardinal
map of the united states cut on a waterjet

CNC cutting technology is growing exponentially. Waterjet cutting has become a key player, with its unique ability to make complex precision cuts in virtually all materials, from metals to non-traditional materials.

To demonstrate, we used a WAZER waterjet to cut a map of the USA out of materials ranging from hard steel, to stone, to soft rubber, and everywhere in between!


Enjoy full artistic freedom when working with glass without tedious hand work on the grinding wheel. The most intricate of cut glass pieces from the WAZER are ready to be incorporated into your designs with no post processing required.


Working in stone can be rewarding yet frustrating due the thickness and composition of the material. With a WAZER, you can truly bring your designs to life. The WAZER is easy to use, and dramatically increases productivity when working with stone.

Soft Materials

Very often, cutting cut soft materials such as rubber or gasketing are an exercise in frustration. With the WAZER, cutting these is clean and efficient.


Whatever your application, whatever your material, and whatever your state, the WAZER is your desktop CNC waterjet technology of choice. What would YOU cut with a waterjet?