Why we need you

WAZER is the first ever desktop waterjet cutter bringing universal cutting with digital precision to every workshop, big or small. Creating a first of its kind product was no easy feat, but since then we have proven the product and are scaling up! A brand new assembly facility has just been created and we are beginning to staff it.  We are looking for an energetic, adaptable and clever team member that can think on their feet to solve problems that pop up as well as work to continuously improve our systems and processes. Tired of being a tiny step in a larger process? Take ownership of your work and help bring this brand new product to its many eager customers, while having an opportunity for career growth and development. 


  • You’ll be communicating with customers and solving their issues
  • You’ll provide telephone, email, and video  technical support for WAZER hardware and software
  • You’ll handle replacement parts shipment and process returns from customers. 
  • You’ll document customers’  problems and resolutions. 
  • You’ll work with engineers to develop solutions for urgent , short term and long term problems
  • You’ll develop proactive web support content to help users solve common issues you’ve seen repeatedly
  • As a technical support agent you will be integral in building up long term systems and procedures as we grow
  • You’ll monitor and engage in discussions on the community forum.  


  • You must be a quick learner when it comes to mechanics
  • You are a patient and thorough problem-solver
  • You have strong technical communication skills
  • You have strong written communication skills
  • You are a systematic and process oriented thinker
  • You are comfortable communicating on the phone or through videos
  • You have strong social skills and can interact well with a wide variety of customers
  • You are comfortable leading feedback sessions with engineers
  • You enjoy a good brainstorm session
  • You are well-organized and willing to work independently
  • Ability to commute to Yonkers, NY without the dependence of public transportation


  •    You have worked with CRM systems (Zendesk, Salesforce, etc)
  • You are a maker, a hacker, a craftsperson, tinkerer, or generally curious and creative
  • You can break down a system and identify what makes it work the way it does
  • Degree/Experience in a technical area, for example architecture, engineering, design, science, and metalworking
  • Website Editing (squarespace blog pages)
  • CAD Familiarity
  • If you are passionate about our mission, are good at what you do, and want to learn quickly don’t hesitate to contact us. Be open about what you don’t know and what you excel at, and we’ll do our best to evaluate this with our specific needs!


Employee Health Insurance, Paid Vacation, Paid Holidays, Paid Sick Days, Opportunities for Overtime, WAZER equity (stock options), Opportunity for advancement in a fast-growing company.


We’ve located ourselves in Yonkers, NY.  You’ll be working in an environment that is simultaneously our office, ideation studio, research lab, workshop, and final product assembly center, all under one roof. This allows us to collaborate and learn each other’s area of expertise, providing better solutions to our customers. Our facility becomes a playground in the off hours. You are encouraged to design, make, and work on whatever personal projects you may have at the time. You may see brewing equipment, race car parts, plants, and art pieces around the office. Who knows what inspiration we use for the next problem we need to solve!


To apply, write us a quick explanation about why you think you would be a good fit for this role. Resume and references are always welcome.