Learn why water jets are the go-to for any cutting: for product prototyping, small-scale manufacturing, automating difficult cuts and education.

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Reviews April 26, 2023

Detailed WAZER Waterjet Review by Third-Party Expert

3D Printing Industry, the authority on CNC manufacturing, prepared this comprehensive evaluation of the WAZER waterjet. This report by a third-party reviewer covers WAZER’s performance and features, plus pros & cons.

Reviews April 21, 2023

WAZER brings Desktop Waterjet Technology to Classrooms

Steve Oddy, managing director of Denford, talks through just five of the fantastic benefits the Wazer small waterjet brings to schools, colleges and universities.

Reviews April 10, 2023

Delphi Glass Video on Cutting Glass with a Small Waterjet

Industry leader Delphi Glass has put together an in-depth primer on using a small waterjet to cut glass for art projects and business.

Reviews February 03, 2023

A Review of the Affordable WAZER Desktop Waterjet Cutter

MellowPine has published an in-depth review of the WAZER desktop waterjet cutter, covering specs, usage, unpacking and installation, and more.

Reviews February 19, 2020

Product review of WAZER Desktop Waterjet Cutter

Fireball Tools does an end-to-end review of the WAZER waterjet, from setting it up, to actual cutting, and clean up.

Reviews July 30, 2018

Unboxing a WAZER Waterjet Cutter

Visit the Make Everything Workshop and watch as they unpack their new WAZER waterjet!