From aluminum to tool steel and titanium, WAZER can improve your prototype and production processes. WAZER lets you produce in-house instead of having to outsource, so you get faster cycle times while maintaining internal control over your work.

Bob Clagett talking about the Wazer waterjet


The best Prototypes are made of the same Materials as your finished Product

Cut working aluminum prototypes with a WAZER, and be one step closer to your final product.

See how Bob Clagett uses WAZER to make an aluminum gimbal handle.

folding a medical basket that was cut on a water jet machine

Stainless Steel

Make rapid prototypes in sheet metal in-house for shorter design cycles

With WAZER you can create accurate sheet metal prototypes in your own shop, saving you time and keeping the product development cycle moving.

See how WAZER and DIWire engineers collaborate to prototype a stainless steel sterilization cage.

Mild Steel

WAZER keeps your production process producing

With a WAZER in your factory, you can create custom die presses, and replace them quickly as your designs change.

Read the article: Sheet Metal Tool & Die Making

Tool Steel

Start a business making custom knives

Automate the laborious part of making a custom knife. Let WAZER cut out the blank while you focus on the craft.

cosplay props made on a water jet machine


Make props that look and feel as they should

Use WAZER to produce complex and one-off or low volume custom parts and products.

See how Hacksmith waterjet cuts copper, brass and steel parts to make Dr. Strange come to life!

intricate waterjet cut brass jewelry


No more tedious hand-cutting for jewelers

Let WAZER cut your parts, with accurate repetition and clean surfaces, so you can turn your attention to finishing and artwork.

assembling pocketknife made from waterjet cut metals


Hold tight tolerances for intricate, multi-part assemblies

Cut multiple sheet metal parts and create complex mechanical assemblies. Hold tight tolerances by undersizing your holes and then post-reaming them to size. Or dial in WAZER to get the accuracy you need.

Tight-Tolerance Sheet Metal Cutting: Custom Knife Making With a Waterjet.

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