Software Built for Waterjets

WAZER waterjets are easy to run, and so is our free WAM software. With WAM, just tick the boxes to turn your designs into ready-to-cut files. WAM even tells you how long each cut will take, and how much abrasive will be used.

WAM Software,

Go From Design to Cutting, Fast

Import Design File

Use any CAD or graphic design software. Save your design as a .dxf or .svg file and import into WAM.

Select Project Settings

Scale, rotate, and position your design. Select your material and choose a cut quality: coarse, medium or fine.

Transfer File to WAZER

Save your .gcode “Cut File” and transfer it to the WAZER machine with an SD Card.


Our WAM software turns your designs into WAZER cutting instructions.  Just load your CAD design, select from the menu options, and start cutting.  Watch this quick video to see for yourself.

WAM Software Features

Supports both the WAZER Pro and the WAZER Desktop

WAM software works with any WAZER machine, to determine the actual cutting time and abrasive use for your machine.

wam waterjet cutting software screengrab

Cloud Based

WAM software runs in the browser, so you never need updates and can work on any computer, anywhere.

create gasket design DXF for the waterjet with Solidworks

.svg and .dxf Compatible

Use your preferred graphic design or engineering CAD software to create .dxf or .svg files. Then import into WAM.

WAM waterjet cutting software screengrab

Vast Material Library

WAM gets you cutting with a library of hundreds of material and thickness options. Each has WAZER-tested settings, calibrated and ready for immediate cutting.

WAM software materials choice screen

Add Your Own Materials

Easily add your own material or thickness using our protocol to find the right cut settings. Just because a material isn’t listed, doesn’t mean a WAZER can’t cut it!

WAM waterjet cutting software screengrab

Swiftly Go from Designing to Cutting

The WAM software outputs a .gcode file onto any SD card, and fits the WAZER machine SD input slot. Foolproof. No connectivity, cables or wifi needed to load data onto your WAZER.

Nest cuts for greater efficiency

Use your CAD software to nest numerous parts efficiently, and then bring your design into WAM and let WAZER save on material wastage and cutting time.

SD card loading cut file into Wazer waterjet

WAZER Waterjet Runs Offline

Locate your WAZER waterjet wherever appropriate – no need for internet in your shop. Although WAM is in the cloud, the WAZER waterjet cutter itself runs offline and unconnected to the internet.

CAD & Graphic Design Software Commonly Used with WAM:

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