Waterjet Cutting for Glass Art Studios

Transform your business

“The WAZER was a game changing purchase.”


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Make complex shapes, easily

It almost feels like cheating!”

DAN BRUBAKER, Custom Creations LLC

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Turn your passion into a successful business

Having a WAZER by your side lets you automate your operation, remove cost, and ramp up your production volumes.

Read how Lisa at Fuse Muse Fused Glass keeps her business operating with two WAZERS

Use CNC control instead of your own labor

“You can trust the WAZER when working with glass.”

STEVE BRYDGE, BrydgeWorks Glass

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Modernize your studio with automation

Use WAZER as a robot. Let it do your repetitive work of cutting shapes over and over with complete reliability, so that every finished project is just as you intended.

See how Glass Underground Studio has automated the manufacturing of glass pieces using WAZER

Waterjets are the new tool for any glass studio

Waterjets are not new, but WAZER has made them affordable for glass businesses. Learn how waterjets work, and why they are ideal for cutting intricate and fragile glass in your studio.

Cut Glass In Your Own Studio.

water jet cut glass star
Stained Glass Star
1 min
waterjet cut glass coral design
Fused Glass Coral
1 min
water jet cut borosilicate glass design
Borosilicate Glass Viewing Lid
3 min
waterjet cut tile design
Ceramic Tile Quatrefoil
3 min
waterjet cut aluminum blocks
Aluminum Soft Jaws
33 min
waterjet cut copper motorcycle gasket
Copper Head Gasket
11 min
water jet cut stone design
Granite Ornament
6 min
water jet cut stone tile
Marble Tile Mosaic
2 min

Glass Artists using WAZER

Allison Eden
Allison EdeN STUDIOS

We are able to cut so much more without breakage, and we can be more efficient.

Meryl Raiffe
Glass Underground

All the things that nobody can cut… we wouldn’t be cutting things like this (without WAZER).

Dan Brubaker
Custom Creations LLC

It almost feels like cheating!

See a WAZER near you

Before buying a WAZER, some people want to see a real one, in person. Fortunately, there are WAZER owners in every state, and many will let you come and visit.

See one near you.

The waterjet for any studio

With WAZER, glass artists can now let the machine do the tedious manual work, freeing them to focus on their business and creativity.

Discuss your application for waterjet cutting