Waterjet Cutting for Machine Shops

Repair equipment by making accurate replacement parts in your own shop

Create and fine-tune the exact geometry you need with precision sheet metal cutting. Use simple 2-dimensional designs to create complex 3-dimensional parts.

Watch Keith Fenner reverse-engineer and rebuild an impeller blade

Create jigs and fixtures to solve any problem

“The fixture came together exactly as planned.”

NICOLAUS WOLFRUM, Jim’s Automotive Machine ShOp

Watch Jim’s Automotive Machine Shop’s Customer Story

Stop turning down or outsourcing work

Produce parts, brackets and fixtures when you need them, in-house, instead of paying and waiting for suppliers to produce it for you.

Read how Manor Farm Engineering uses its WAZER to cut doors and brackets to repair classic steamboats

Make parts same-day, when you need them same day

“I need to draw and cut it out, and have it in 30 minutes.”

ERIC ELLIOTT, Elliott Metal Fabrication

Read Elliott Metal Fabrication’s Customer Story

Get faster turnaround yourself, instead of waiting for outsourced work

When customers are impatient, you cannot wait weeks for an outsource shop, that has other jobs ahead of you in queue. A WAZER in your shop lets you get the work done when you need it.

Read how DecTool accelerated its turnaround and improved quality by producing custom shims in-house on their WAZER

Cut Any Material In Your Shop.

waterjet cut aluminum blocks
Aluminum Soft Jaws
1h 9m
waterjet cut aluminum letter S
Stainless Steel Sign Letter
13 min
waterjet cut spring steel design
Spring Steel Shim
15 min
water jet cut borosilicate glass design
Borosilicate Glass Viewing Lid
18 min
waterjet cut aluminum design
Brass Inlay
19 min
waterjet cut rubber sheet
Silicone Purge Plug
4 min
water jet cut foam
Polyethylene Foam Packaging
2 min
waterjet cut tile design
Ceramic Tile Quatrefoil
2 min

Used by Machinists around the World

Kevin Slater
Chartered Engineer

I would turn to the WAZER rather than profiling it on the milling machine or laser cutter, because it is easier to set up and hold the work.

Shop Foreman

The Wazer has exceeded my expectations and Wazer Support has been great and super helpful with advice and replacement parts.

Partner, Machinist

We can let the machine do the cutting. This compact machine allows us to cut through nearly any material we want.

See a WAZER near you

Before buying a WAZER, some people want to see a real one, in person. Fortunately, there are WAZER owners in every state, and many will let you come and visit.

See one near you.

The first affordable industrial-caliber waterjet

The WAZER is the affordable, industrial-quality waterjet that cuts almost anything. Since it does not require specialized infrastructure, software, or training, you can now produce in-house what you could never have done before.

Discuss your application for waterjet cutting