Rapid Prototyping

Iterate Faster with Shorter Design Cycles

Iterate faster with shorter design cycles

“We often iterate multiple times a day on the same part.”

JACK MILLER, Howe Industries

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Prototype using the correct materials

Prototype new mechanical designs using the same material that will be used in production. Test the prototypes under realistic load conditions.

Read how Applied Systems Engineering produced test parts in carbon fiber, aluminum and acrylic using their WAZER waterjet

Transform 2D designs into 3D forms

Create and fine-tune the exact geometry you need with precision sheet metal cutting. Use simple 2-dimensional designs to create complex 3-dimensional parts.

See how WAZER and DIWire engineers collaborate to prototype a stainless steel sterilization cage

Prototype medical devices

Compact and desktop fabrication tools are enabling rapid innovation and prototyping in many industries, including in medical devices.

Read Today’s Medical Developments article about how compact waterjet cutting tools significantly augment the medtech prototyping process

No more manual cutting for sheet metal

Use your talent designing new solutions, instead of laboring manually in the shop.

Instead of hand work on a bandsaw, angle grinder or dremel, just load your designs into the WAZER and let it do the fabrication for you.

Tight-tolerance sheet metal cutting

Cut multiple sheet metal parts and create complex mechanical assemblies. Hold tight tolerances by undersizing your holes and then post-reaming them to size. Or dial in WAZER to get the accuracy you need.

Learn about Tight-Tolerance Sheet Metal Cutting: Custom Knife Making With a Waterjet

Easily make strong brackets

Fabricating and assembling brackets is not how you want to spend valuable time.

Whenever needed, just draw your bracket and let the WAZER cut it for you on demand, in aluminum, steel or any other material.

Cut Any Material.
In Your Own Shop.

waterjet cut intricate sprocket
Aluminum Bicycle Sprocket
42 min
waterjet cut welding jig
Stainless Steel Welding Jig
15 min
water jet cut steel engine bracket
Mild Steel Engine Tab
24 min
waterjet cut copper motorcycle gasket
Copper Head Gasket
11 min
waterjet cut HDPE test coupon
HDPE Testing Coupon
5 min
water jet cut carbon fiber drone body
Carbon Fiber RC Car Chassis
1 min
waterjet cut rubber silicone gasket
Silicone Pipe Gasket
1 min
water jet cut packing foam
Polyurethane Foam Packaging
3 min

Used by Engineers and Designers Across Industries

Zachary Wingert
Maker Lab Technician

Many of the projects that have been done on the WAZER would have stopped at a whiteboard drawing, but with the WAZER we can bring those ideas to life.

Stephen Hart
Lead Fabricator

We are able to iterate and perfect our designs at least twice as fast now.

Andrew Pherson

Parts that used to take 3–4 weeks to send out, we can now cut and bend in-house in a day.

The waterjet for any shop

WAZER is the waterjet for any shop, and it cuts any material. Since it does not require specialized infrastructure, software, or training, you can now produce in-house what you could never have done before.

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