Cutting composite materials can be tricky, leading to material damage, delamination, and dangerous fumes or dust. With a WAZER waterjet, you can easily cut composites to unlimit what you can produce.

drone created form water jet cut carbon fiber parts

Carbon Fiber

Cut carbon fiber without the dust

Cutting carbon fiber with a Dremel or a mill creates dust and requires wearing a mask. Not with a waterjet – the water flushes away the dust, for a clean safe job.

waterjet cut fiberglass composite pieces


Cut fiberglass without delamination

Make fine parts out of composite and laminated materials, without damaging, fraying or delaminating the material.

waterjet cutting garolite plastic without dust


Make easy cuts in very hard material

Cutting Garolite is extremely tricky – it is very hard, cannot be cut on a laser, and creates significant dust when saw cut. However, a WAZER waterjet is ideal for cutting Garolite, even making complex designs.

waterjet cutting composites

Metal Composites

The smart way to cut smart products

While metal composites are lightweight and strong, cutting them can create toxic or flammable dust, and material damage from heat or fracturing. That’s the beauty of cutting with a waterjet – it is a cold cutting process.

Questions about cutting COMPOSITES?