WAZER addresses many challenges with cutting plastic. Unlike other approaches, it will not damage, distort or affect the integrity of the plastic as it cuts. Plus, waterjets can work safely without the toxic emissions from cutting plastic with laser cutters.

heavy duty acrylic bank teller machine design


A superior engineering plastic that you can now cut

For many engineering applications polycarbonate is superior to acrylic because of its greater durability. However, polycarbonate cannot be safely cut by a laser cutter, so it is rarely used. Problem solved by WAZER.

waterjet cut Pink Floyd album design


Cut vinyl records without toxic fumes

PVC sheet is a versatile material, but cutting it can lead to melted edges, dangerous fumes, or laborious manual work. With WAZER it’s possible to overcome these issues.

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waterjet cut Delrin plastic design


Cut 2D profiles faster than a CNC mill

Delrin is a great engineering plastic for making fixtures. Often all you need is a simple 2D profile, and that’s easy to do with WAZER.

waterjet cut plastic test coupons


Test plastic reliably and faster

Your samples for tensile strength testing need to be accurate and consistent. WAZER delivers with automated CNC cutting, so you can accelerate your testing by reliably cutting samples in-house.

water jet cutting acrylic plastic sheets


Cut acrylic without fumes or ventilation

Laser cutters are great for cutting acrylic, but they emit noxious fumes that must be filtered or ventilated. Waterjets cut via micro-erosion, a cold-cutting process that produces no heat, fumes, or gases.

waterjet cut rubber gaskets

Soft Plastics

Cut elastomers cleanly and precisely

Unlike laser cutters, the WAZER waterjet can cut elastomers, rubber gasket materials and other soft plastics that are challenging to cut with conventional tools.

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