Low Volume Production

Modern automation makes even small jobs efficient

Keep it in-house to sleep better at night

When parts are outsourced, you expect to wait and pay more. Plus, some outsource vendors even pass your work to other shops. This adds more time and cost, and QC risk. By keeping work in-house, you manage cost and timing, plus you know the parts meet spec.

NOSHOK valves on firetrucks and oil rigs must work under any condition. Read why they moved production in-house to improve cost, speed and reliability

Nest cuts for greater efficiency

Use your CAD software to nest numerous parts efficiently, and then bring your design into WAM and let WAZER save on material wastage and cutting time.

Produce just in time to meet timely customer orders

When customers require small volumes for immediate jobs, you need machinery with no inefficiency due to small volumes, or required tooling-changes for small jobs. Create output as-needed, instead of holding costly unneeded inventory.

Cut Any Material.
In Your Own FACTORY.

waterjet cut aluminum blocks
Aluminum Soft Jaws
1h 9m
waterjet cut aluminum letter S
Stainless Steel Sign Letter
13 min
waterjet cut spring steel design
Spring Steel Shim
15 min
water jet cut borosilicate glass design
Borosilicate Glass Viewing Lid
18 min
waterjet cut aluminum design
Brass Inlay
19 min
waterjet cut rubber sheet
Silicone Purge Plug
4 min
water jet cut foam
Polyethylene Foam Packaging
2 min
waterjet cut tile design
Ceramic Tile Quatrefoil
2 min

Used by Manufacturers Everywhere

Fuse Muse Fused Glass

If I didn’t have a WAZER, I wouldn’t have had an opportunity to have a successful small business or to put out the amount of product that I do.


The machine just runs. Its simple interface provides a technology that is usually highly complicated or time consuming.

Applied Systems Engineering

…it is easy to use and there is no need for another trained person to operate it.

The affordable industrial-caliber waterjet

WAZER is an affordable waterjet that cuts almost anything. Since it does not require specialized infrastructure, software or training, you can now produce in-house what you could never have done before.

Discuss your application for waterjet cutting