Cut almost any material with CNC precision and reliability. Waterjets overcome limitations of other cutting technologies, such as heat distortion, material limitations, and safety.

Learn why water jets are the go-to for any cutting: for product prototyping, small-scale manufacturing, automating difficult cuts and education.

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Media Coverage May 31, 2023

A small waterjet for aerospace is out of this world

Read in Aerospace Manufacturing and Design about how companies are exploring better options for producing prototypes – they’re bringing new digital manufacturing tools into the engineering department itself. See how a desktop waterjet fits into their plans.

Customer Story May 30, 2023

News From Around the Glass Globe

What started as a hobby to spend her downtime has now grown into second business for glass artist Cathy Minyard.

Cathy is the only producer of these very unique barber shop globes. Word spread, largely via social media, so that barbers and collectors across the country are now contacting her and ordering not just one, but sometimes even six or more globes at a time.

Guide May 22, 2023

Tutorial: Handling cutting tolerances when dealing with stacked glass elements

Overview An earlier tutorial introduced the concept of “Offset” and how offsets matter when cutting glass for different joining methods. Yet there is another aspect to consider when it comes to introducing more parts to our glass art – tolerance stack-up.  Whether we design digitally or by hand, the design dimensions of a part will […]

Company Updates May 22, 2023

Running with Team WAZER

This past week Team WAZER ran in a charity 5k to support the Boys and Girls Club of Stamford in Connecticut. Great weather. Fast runs!

Media Coverage, Product Review May 15, 2023

A small waterjet for education remains a strong choice

Steve Oddy, managing director of Denford, talks through just five of the fantastic benefits the Wazer small waterjet brings to schools, colleges and universities.

Media Coverage May 11, 2023

Modern technology, like a small waterjet, is helping to preserve the glass industry

Glass Art Magazine is a go-to resource for information and inspiration for glass art lovers around the world. They wrote about how a small waterjet like the WAZER can revolutionize the glass business.

Guide May 08, 2023

Rapid prototyping relies on speed, accuracy, and materials choices for success

Read how hundreds of companies have made the jump to a small waterjet and are enjoying unparalleled success in their rapid prototyping workflow as well as their end product.

Customer Story, Guide May 08, 2023

Transform and rise up!

The guys at Make it Extreme are at it again. See how they use their experience and an array of tools, including a WAZER small waterjet, to transform a clunky electric commuter car into a firebreathing racer.

Media Coverage May 04, 2023

How Affordable Technology is Leveling the Playing Field and Revitalizing Small Businesses

Industrial Supply Magazine writes that compact manufacturing technology, including CNC machinery such as the WAZER waterjet, is helping start-up companies and small businesses bring manufacturing back to local communities.

Customer Story May 01, 2023

Delivering a First Class Flight Experience

See how captains of industry prefer a small waterjet for aviation, cutting materials quickly and affordably for production and prototyping.