Cut almost any material with CNC precision and reliability. Waterjets overcome limitations of other cutting technologies, such as heat distortion, material limitations, and safety.

Learn why water jets are the go-to for any cutting: for product prototyping, small-scale manufacturing, automating difficult cuts and education.

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Company Updates September 20, 2023

See WAZER at the C! Print event at IFEMA Madrid

Mecanumeric, one of WAZER’s partners in Europe and Africa, is showing the WAZER waterjet at C! Print in Madrid. Visit them at Booth C72.

Guide September 14, 2023

Artists use CNC efficiency to Automate Tedious Manual Work

Artists can do extensive manual labor, and yet still be challenged growing their business. With CNC waterjet technology, they can now automate the tedious work, and enjoy repeatable outcomes.

Guide September 12, 2023

Making 3D assemblies from flat sheets

The possibilities are endless when working in sheet metal, but what about creating 3D assemblies from it? You’ll never look at any shape the same again after reading this how-to guide on designing in CAD and cutting sheet metal with a WAZER waterjet.

Customer Story September 06, 2023

A small waterjet can make parts you didn’t know you needed

See how a small waterjet can solve problems in your shop and make you ready to tackle any job that comes your way.

Guide September 05, 2023

Designing custom foam inserts with a CNC waterjet

You know the WAZER can cut hard materials like steel and aluminum, but what about waterjet cut foam? See how well a small waterjet works for creating custom foam packaging inserts.

Media Coverage August 29, 2023

Additive and Subtractive Manufacturing are Revolutionizing the Medical Device Industry

Medical Product Outsourcing magazine writes that new manufacturing technologies, including WAZER waterjets, streamline medical device manufacturing, reduce cost, and accelerate time-to-market.

Customer Story August 25, 2023

Having a WAZER means being ready when a unique job comes along

Many customers use their WAZER waterjet for unexpected needs, when the WAZER happened to be just the right tool for the job.

Media Coverage August 16, 2023

Advanced Manufacturing Technologies are increasingly crucial in the Medical Device Industry

CNC technologies, including waterjets, enable manufacturers to streamline prototyping, improve efficiency and supply chain resilience, and foster innovation. Read the article in Make Parts Fast.

Guide August 08, 2023

When we say a WAZER waterjet can cut any material, we mean it!

It’s not boasting when we say a small waterjet can cut anything. See how the WAZER cuts through a variety of materials in this series of short videos.

Guide August 01, 2023

Manufacturers can Control and Maintain their Production Better than ever Before

Manufacturers can maintain efficient production with a desktop WAZER waterjet in their shop. WAZER can handle custom jobs, low-volume runs, and pre-production or prototype jobs, without interrupting the factory.