The “cold” cutting process of WAZER waterjets can cut anything, including soft materials. Improve your operation by cutting foam parts on-demand and in-house, with repeatable accuracy.

water jet cut memory foam seat cushion

Memory Foam

Waterjet makes smooth work of soft foam

When you need to prototype furniture with soft memory foam, a WAZER water jet delivers fast, clean cuts.

waterjet cut packing foam for detailed shapes

Polyurethane Foam

Precise packaging to protect fragile pieces

Fragile products need packaging that is cut accurately, tightly, and consistently. With a WAZER waterjet, you can design and cut packaging shapes in-house, to protect your products and your business.

waterjet cut foam inserts for precision parts

Polyethylene Foam

Cut packaging in any foam

WAZER waterjets are ideal for cutting exact shapes in all types of foam, from softer to harder packaging materials. The water-cutting process avoids laser cutting issues, such as foam flammability or toxic emissions.

water jet cut hard foam puzzle

High Density Foam

Foam with hard edges and inside corners

Cutting foam by hand with a knife is a pain. Plus it’s very limiting, because the depth of the knife blade prevents cutting interior sharp corners. Not with a waterjet.

waterjet cutting rubber strip

Closed Cell Foam

Cut closed cell foam without a die

Increase your flexibility and speed. Don’t be held hostage for a new die to be made whenever you redesign a foam piece. With a WAZER waterjet, you can cut new foam designs immediately.

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