Learn why waterjets are the go-to for any cutting: for product prototyping, small-scale manufacturing, automating difficult cuts and education.

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How To February 09, 2024

Draft Angles and the WAZER waterjet

All waterjets, including WAZER, leave behind a slight draft angle when cutting. Learn about the draft angle you can expect from a WAZER waterjet and how to reduce it in your cutting.

How To January 26, 2024

How artists can go from hand-drawn to CAD for CNC waterjets

Some artists may be intimidated by CAD or CNC tools. This article and video show how to start with computer-aided design, and how to maintain creativity, even with CAD.

How To January 16, 2024

WAZER Waterjet Precision, and how to Optimize its Accuracy

This study reports on WAZER’s precision, plus advice for accurate cutting with your WAZER.

How To December 14, 2023

How to cut Thin Shim Stock using a WAZER Waterjet Cutter

Shim stock is hard to work with. But the WAZER water jet can accurately and repeatedly cut parts out of very thin shim stock. This article shows you how.

How To November 10, 2023

How to: WAZER Waterjet Input Water and Output Drain

The WAZER requires fresh water input, and a drain water output. This guide, and video, explains it all so that you can easily meet WAZER’s requirements.

How To September 12, 2023

Make 3D assemblies from sheet metal with a WAZER Waterjet

The possibilities are endless when working in sheet metal, but what about creating 3D assemblies from it? You’ll never look at any shape the same again after reading this how-to guide on designing in CAD and cutting sheet metal with a WAZER waterjet.

How To September 05, 2023

Preparing custom foam inserts with a CNC waterjet

You know the WAZER can cut hard materials like steel and aluminum, but what about waterjet cut foam? See how well a small waterjet works for creating custom foam packaging inserts.

How To May 22, 2023

Handling Cumulative Waterjet Cutting Tolerances in Glass Art

In this tutorial, we explore how the tolerance stack-up affects the assembly of a multipart stained glass design and how to take the tolerance stack-up into consideration and make intricate cool designs.

How To January 31, 2023

Building a Custom Carbon Fiber Drone with a Desktop Waterjet

Carbon fiber is 5x stronger than steel and twice as stiff. making it ideal for drone parts. It is challenging to work with, however. Thankfully, the WAZER is good for cutting precision parts in carbon fiber.

How To January 30, 2023

Waterjet Cutting a Sheet Metal Box or Enclosure

Our tips on using Solidworks and a small waterjet cutter to create sheetmetal enclosures.