Cutting rubber accurately can be difficult. Conventional cutting blades tend to gum-up or melt elastomers. Cutting by hand is tedious and inaccurate. WAZER waterjets solve these challenges, so you can create pieces on demand, when you need them, and keep you going.

water jet cutting a silicone rubber gasket


Keep equipment running with cut-to-order gaskets

Cut gaskets and seals quickly as needed, to meet new designs or to replace older unavailable gaskets.

water jet cut gaskets and insulation for a computer CPU


Cut thin neoprene gaskets in minutes

Thin rubber gaskets are usually molded or die cut, a process that requires costly tooling and time. With a WAZER waterjet you can make rubber prototypes to test your designs without any need for tooling.

Custom Gasket Making with CNC Waterjet: CPU Cooling Block

water jet cut silicone rubber heat-resistant plug


Cut high temperature silicone rubber for the most demanding applications

Certain applications require specific materials. When a high temperature elastomer is needed, such as welding plugs for metal tubing, silicone is the material of choice. Waterjets are the only CNC tool capable of cutting silicone cleanly and accurately.

waterjet cut plastic test coupons

Hard Plastics

Cut hard plastics without any heat or fumes

In addition to rubber materials, WAZER water jets also cut hard plastics, including: polycarbonate, vinyl, delrin, HDPE, acrylic and more.

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