Frequently Asked Questions


What infrastructure do I need to operate WAZER?

What software works with WAZER?

Can I design my Cut File in WAZER’s software?

What maintenance does WAZER require?

Do I need to process my design through WAM’s online software?

What is WAZER’s operating cost?

What are WAZER’s consumables?

How loud is WAZER?

Is WAZER safe?

Is WAZER CE Certified?

I have a question regarding using the WAZER in a specific country. Who can I speak to regarding this?


What is the maximum material thickness that WAZER can cut through?

How fast does WAZER cut?

If a material isn’t listed, will WAZER cut it?

What is the accuracy of WAZER?

Can WAZER engrave?

Can WAZER cut materials without abrasive?

Is WAZER Food Safe?

Kerf and Taper

Max Material Thickness

Cut Bed Material


Does WAZER consume a lot of water?

Can I re-circulate the water used by WAZER?

How clean is the water being drained out of WAZER?

What water pressure does WAZER operate at?

Can I use a different size Nozzle with WAZER?


Can I reuse the abrasive?

How can I dispose of the abrasive?

Can I use abrasive other than the one you sell?

Where Can I Purchase Abrasive in Canada?


Are import and duty taxes included?

What is the process of receiving my WAZER?


How do I know if WAZER is right for me?

How did you make WAZER so affordable?

Does WAZER offer a warranty or support?

Where are you based?

Are you looking for help or hiring?

Can I be a WAZER distributor?