Waterjet Cutting for Knifemakers

Cut hard tool steel with the WAZER Waterjet

It can take hours to cut knife blanks exactly as you want, out of hard steel. A WAZER will do the work for you.

Watch as Jimmy Diresta cuts a knife and his logo using a WAZER

Hold tight tolerances for intricate multi-part assemblies

Cut multiple metal parts and create complex mechanical knife assemblies. Hold tight tolerances by undersizing your holes and then post-reaming them to size. Or dial in WAZER to get the accuracy you need.

See Tight-tolerance sheet metal cutting: Custom Knife Making with a waterjet

Get precision fits between knife blanks and matching handles

With CAD designs and CNC cutting, you can achieve precise alignment between your knife blank and your handles, for beautiful clean assemblies.

Start a business making custom knives

Automate the laborious part of making custom knives. Let the WAZER cut out the blank while you focus on the craft.

Cut any blanks in your own studio.

waterjet cut tool steel knife blank
Tool Steel Knife Blank
47 min
waterjet cut welding jig
Stainless Steel Welding Jig
37 min
water jet cut steel engine bracket
Mild Steel Engine Tab
43 min
water jet cut stone tile
Marble Tile Mosaic
5 min
waterjet cut HDPE test coupon
HDPE Testing Coupon
17 min
water jet cut carbon fiber drone body
Carbon Fiber RC Car Chassis
27 min

See a WAZER near you

Before buying a WAZER, some people want to see a real one, in person. Fortunately, there are WAZER owners in every state, and many will let you come and visit.

See one near you.

The first affordable industrial-caliber waterjet

With WAZER, craftsmen working in knives and hard metals can now let the machine do the hard metal-cutting, while you work on the artistry.

Discuss your application for waterjet cutting