Learn why water jets are the go-to for any cutting: for product prototyping, small-scale manufacturing, automating difficult cuts and education.

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Press November 16, 2023

WAZER desktop waterjet now also sold and serviced by Trimech

Read in Yahoo Finance that Trimech now sells and supports WAZER desktop waterjet cutters.

Press October 24, 2023

Small waterjets make parts to keep drones flying

Avoid outsourcing! Waterjet cutting in-house grants drone manufacturers a significant edge. Read in Composites in Manufacturing, how designers can move from concept to prototype, creating new parts in the same day.

Press October 02, 2023

Waterjet Cutting Accelerates Drone Prototypes to Market

Read in The Drone Girl, how small-scale waterjet cutters have emerged as a key tool for drone specialists. Now drone prototypers can accelerate their speed to market and reduce the cost of building new prototypes.

Press August 29, 2023

CNC Tools such as Waterjets enable Medical Device Industry

Medical Product Outsourcing magazine writes that new manufacturing technologies, including WAZER waterjets, streamline medical device manufacturing, reduce cost, and accelerate time-to-market.

Press August 16, 2023

Tackling Medical Device Shortages with CNC Waterjet

CNC technologies, including waterjets, enable manufacturers to streamline prototyping, improve efficiency and supply chain resilience, and foster innovation. Read the article in Make Parts Fast.

Press July 14, 2023

Small Waterjet aids Innovation in Orthopedics

Read in Orthopedic Design & Technology magazine how compact manufacturing technologies, such as WAZER desktop waterjet cutters, are revolutionizing medical device manufacturing. Installed directly in hospitals, clinics, and rehab facilities, they enable customized treatment, allow the use of specialized materials, and more.

Press June 21, 2023

Small Manufacturers Avoid Outsourcing with Desktop Waterjets

Industry Today Magazine writes about how small manufacturers use technology in order to compete with larger global manufacturers. With machines like the WAZER waterjet, desktop manufacturing is changing the rules for the benefit of small manufacturers.

Press May 31, 2023

Waterjet cutting technology innovates the aerospace industry

Read in Aerospace Manufacturing and Design about how companies are exploring better options for producing prototypes – they’re bringing new digital manufacturing tools into the engineering department itself. See how a desktop waterjet fits into their plans.

Press May 11, 2023

Small Waterjet helps Preserve the Art Glass Industry

Glass Art Magazine is a go-to resource for information and inspiration for glass art lovers around the world. They wrote about how a small waterjet like the WAZER can revolutionize the glass business.

Press May 04, 2023

Desktop Waterjet Levels the Playing Field for Small Business

Industrial Supply Magazine writes that compact manufacturing technology, including CNC machinery such as the WAZER waterjet, is helping start-up companies and small businesses bring manufacturing back to local communities.