Control Your Production Process With On-Demand Fabrication

Waterjet Cutting For Manufacturers

Keep your production line moving with a flexible fabrication tool that can make custom jigs, fixtures and components on-demand.

Make Molds When You Need Them

Get urgent molds and jigs made same-day to never stop producing. Make multiple copies of the same mold, as needed. Test out a new jig design and then implement it the next day.

See how modern waterjet technology partners with traditional craftsmanship to help this company stay competitive.

Cut Enclosures That Always Fit

Panel and button locations always change. With in-house cutting on a WAZER, your sheet metal parts can keep up with the button and panel positions. Let the enclosure always match the product that it encloses, not the other way around.

Customize Every Product that Leaves the Factory

Add customization to your products at no extra cost. Include your customer’s logo without any need for tooling.

Offer Sheet Metal Cutting Services to Your Clients

Expand your services, by saying “yes” when clients ask if you can cut sheet metal parts for them. Offering custom sheet metal cutting services is rare, but a WAZER lets you do it efficiently on-demand.

Automate Repetitive Cutting Tasks

Cut simple parts in high volume, especially using fragile materials such as glass, which is impractical to cut by hand.

See how Glass Underground Studio has automated the manufacturing of glass pieces using WAZER.

Use Fixtures to Cut into Pre-Existing Parts

Utilize fixtures to repeatedly locate the waterjet and cut features into pre-existing parts.

See how Nicole used WAZER to make an aluminum fixture and then use it to personalize her cutlery

Cut Any Material.
In Your Own Facility.

Aluminum Soft Jaws
1h 9m
Stainless Steel Sign Letter
13 min
Spring Steel Shim
15 min
Borosilicate Glass Viewing Lid
18 min
Brass Inlay
19 min
Silicone Purge Plug
4 min
Polyethylene Foam Packaging
2 min
Ceramic Tile Quatrefoil
2 min

Used by Manufacturers Everywhere


Not having to do manual finishing afterwords, I can do it on the WAZER and I can do it quickly.

Austin Dando
Senior Mfg. Engineer

The WAZER is unexpectedly robust, and the outstanding level and quality of support is unheard of these days.

Gary Goldenstein

We’ve been using the WAZER 8 hours a day every single day. It never stops going.

The first waterjet that fits in any factory

WAZER is a small-footprint, industrial-quality waterjet that cuts almost anything. Now you can gain control over your production, by producing parts in-house that you could never have made before.

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