If you are spending hours cutting repetitive shapes out of tile or stone, then a WAZER waterjet cutter can help dramatically reduce time and energy. Our high-pressure waterjet is perfect for cutting any shape out of any tile material, faster and without costly breakage.

waterjet cut Settler of Catan board pieces

Cut Stone In Ways You Never Thought Possible

Create beautiful artwork that will stand out anywhere

With a WAZER waterjet, it is easy to cut stone such as marble, granite or slate while eliminating lost material and wastage due to chipping and cracking.

CNC Cutting Stone and Tile: A Custom Settlers of Catan Board


Go from one-at-a-time, to all-at-once

Grow your business by spending less time on manual work. Let WAZER waterjet cutters automate the work for you.

water jet cut stone tile


Improve your output and your quality

Cutting marble typically requires costly diamond saw blades, messy wet sawing, and still has the frustrations of chipped pieces. Cut marble with a WAZER waterjet to easily solve these challenges.

water jet cut porcelain tile quatrefoil


No more tedious hand-cutting

Deliver intricate curves and shapes that you could not have cut before. Each piece is an accurate match, without any manual work.

water jet cut stone design


Make complex cuts in hard stone

WAZER waterjets give you entirely new capabilities – to make unique and sophisticated cuts, including curved edges, in hard materials such as granite.

waterjet cut slate tile


Cut precious stone without the worry

Beautiful stone tiles are expensive and break easily. Get the most out of your material with intricate cuts and no cracking.

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