Waterjet Cutting for the Automotive Industry

Create custom fixtures or jigs for critical machining

“All in all, the fixture came together exactly as planned.”

NICOLAUS WOLFRUM, Jim’s Automotive Machine ShOp

Watch Jim’s Automotive Machine Shop’s Customer Story

Work with difficult materials, such as kevlar and fiberglass

Work with lightweight and challenging materials for custom parts on performance vehicles. WAZER cuts without material chips or cracks, and avoids dangerous dust and fumes.

Read how AutoXross creates dashboard components using fiberglass and kevlar-reinforced fittings

Cut custom flanges and pipe fittings for performance upgrades

When working with custom fittings, you can design and cut flanges as needed. The WAZER waterjet accurately cuts the interior holes for perfect assembly.

Create the parts you need, when you need them

Reproduce gaskets on demand, for any design, even out-of-production gaskets.

Watch how machinist Keith Fenner creates custom cork gaskets for his machinery rebuild

Cut Any Material.
In Your Own Shop.

waterjet cut intricate sprocket
Aluminum Bicycle Sprocket
1h 36m
waterjet cut welding jig
Stainless Steel Welding Jig
37 min
water jet cut steel engine bracket
Mild Steel Engine Tab
43 min
waterjet cut copper motorcycle gasket
Copper Head Gasket
30 min
waterjet cut HDPE test coupon
HDPE Testing Coupon
17 min
water jet cut carbon fiber drone body
Carbon Fiber RC Car Chassis
27 min
waterjet cut rubber silicone gasket
Silicone Pipe Gasket
23 sec
water jet cut packing foam
Polyurethane Foam Packaging
3 min

Used by Automotive Engineers and Shops around the World

Tool Design Engineer

Parts that used to take 3-4 weeks to send out, we can now cut and bend in-house in a day.

Partner, MachinisT

This compact machine allows us to cut through nearly any material we want.

Lead Fabricator

We are able to iterate and perfect our designs at least twice as fast now.

The first affordable industrial-caliber waterjet

The WAZER is the affordable, industrial-quality waterjet that cuts almost anything. Since it does not require specialized infrastructure, software, or training, you can now produce in-house what you could never have done before.

Discuss your application for waterjet cutting