Waterjet Cutting for Signmakers

Waterjets can be game changers for your sign business

Cutting signs requires detailed work and constant customization. WAZER waterjets are CNC-controlled to turn your business into an efficient-run operation.

Read how the WAZER was instrumental in Ash Jet Designs going into business

Make signs out of plastic without harmful fumes or dust

WAZER solves the challenges of cutting plastic signs, such as dangerous fumes and dust, and damage to materials from laser heat.

Cutting letters and numbers is never fun

With a waterjet in your shop, it’s like 1-2-3 or A-B-C.

Cut any material. In your own STUDIO.

waterjet cut aluminum letter S
Stainless Steel Sign Letter
13 min
water jet cut steel engine bracket
Mild Steel Engine Tab
43 min
waterjet cut aluminum design
Brass Inlay
19 min
waterjet cut tile design
Ceramic Tile Quatrefoil
2 min
water jet cut stone tile
Marble Tile Mosaic
5 min
waterjet cut HDPE test coupon
HDPE Testing Coupon
17 min
waterjet cut glass coral design
Fused Glass Coral
6 min

Signmakers using WAZER

Shannon Pollard
Kennison Arts

Using the WAZER freed up time that could go into creating bigger, better pieces, which drastically changed our process- and consequently, our art style.

InFusion Art Glass

I now make pieces that were simply not possible before I had my WAZER.

Ash Jet Designs

I bought a WAZER to start this business as I believed it would be the best product to achieve my ideas and make them a reality in the easiest possible way.

See a WAZER near you

Before buying a WAZER, some people want to see a real one, in person. Fortunately, there are WAZER owners in every state, and many will let you come and visit.

See one near you.

The first affordable waterjet

With WAZER, sign makers and crafters can now let the machine do the hard work, while you focus on the creativity and business.

Discuss your application for waterjet cutting