Repair & Maintenance

Reduce downtime with complete in-house maintenance capabilities

Repair equipment, even when replacement parts are not available

“I was glad to have something welded, riveted right in.”

KEITH FENNER, Turn Wright Machine Shop

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When equipment goes down, it can take the entire line with it

The cost of a repair can be minor compared to the cost of lost production. Having the right machinery to do in-house repairs immediately can be priceless. An industrial-caliber waterjet in your equipment bay can help you produce repair parts ASAP.

Rebuild old cars or boats with new custom-built parts

“I would turn to the WAZER rather than profiling it on the milling machine or laser cutter.”

KEVIN SLATER, Manor Farm Engineering

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Cut custom shims for die maintenance

Over time, tooling and dies wear and no longer fit exactly as when they were new, resulting in increased failure. Instead of purchasing replacement dies, it’s much more affordable and quicker to cut custom shims that return the dies to their original working position with minimal impact on your production schedule.

Read how a small WAZER waterjet is the right machine for DecTool to create shims in-house instead of outsourcing

Ensure there’s a dedicated spot for every tool in every drawer

Tools are the lifeblood of your company, which is why you have organized tool draws and spots for each tool. Use a WAZER waterjet to cut shadow boards to hold each tool, and not only does every tool have an assigned spot, but you also know if tools are missing. The WAZER can quickly cut acrylic or foam to safely hold any tool.

Keep preventive maintenance on schedule

Keeping to a PM schedule means having the parts, tools and equipment available in your shop for both the scheduled service, and to fix whatever might need immediate attention. Having an affordable, yet industrial-caliber waterjet in the shop lets you create parts to make repairs on the spot.

Cut Any Material.
In Your Own SHOP.

waterjet cut intricate sprocket
Aluminum Bicycle Sprocket
42 min
waterjet cut welding jig
Stainless Steel Welding Jig
15 min
water jet cut steel engine bracket
Mild Steel Engine Tab
24 min
waterjet cut copper motorcycle gasket
Copper Head Gasket
11 min
waterjet cut HDPE test coupon
HDPE Testing Coupon
5 min
water jet cut carbon fiber drone body
Carbon Fiber RC Car Chassis
1 min
waterjet cut rubber silicone gasket
Silicone Pipe Gasket
1 min
water jet cut packing foam
Polyurethane Foam Packaging
3 min

Used by Machinists and Shop ManageRs Everywhere.

Keith Fenner

Whether you’re doing artwork or you’re doing a replacement part for one of your machines, it looks like the Wazer can get it done for you.

Partner, Machinist

We can let the machine do the cutting. This compact machine allows us to cut through nearly any material we want.

Eric Elliott
Elliott Metal Fabrication

Instead of having to job shop it out and wait for the part, I can make it right now-and I didn’t have to spend $250k on a machine I can’t fit in my shop.

The waterjet for any shop

WAZER is the waterjet for any shop, and it cuts any material. Since it does not require specialized infrastructure, software, or training, you can now produce in-house what you could never have done before.

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