Cut almost any material with CNC precision and reliability. Waterjets overcome limitations of other cutting technologies, such as heat distortion, material limitations, and safety.

Learn why water jets are the go-to for any cutting: for product prototyping, small-scale manufacturing, automating difficult cuts and education.

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Customer Story September 06, 2023

A small waterjet can make parts you didn’t know you needed

See how a small waterjet can solve problems in your shop and make you ready to tackle any job that comes your way.

Customer Story August 25, 2023

Having a WAZER means being ready when a unique job comes along

Many customers use their WAZER waterjet for unexpected needs, when the WAZER happened to be just the right tool for the job.

Customer Story, Guide July 20, 2023

Glass artists transform their business by cutting any shape with newfound efficiency

Cutting intricate shapes in glass was almost impossible. Now, glass artists find that WAZER’s waterjet technology makes it easy to cut any shape, fast and with virtually no breakage.

Customer Story, Guide June 27, 2023

The Small Waterjet Difference is Service

The WAZER small waterjet is more than just a high quality, purpose-built machine. It’s also about service: what happens after the sale.

Customer Story May 30, 2023

News From Around the Glass Globe

What started as a hobby has grown into 2nd business for glass artist Cathy Minyard.

Barbers and collectors across the country are now contacting her and ordering not just one, but sometimes even six or more globes at a time.

Customer Story, Guide May 08, 2023

Transform and rise up!

The guys at Make it Extreme are at it again. See how they use their experience and an array of tools, including a WAZER small waterjet, to transform a clunky electric commuter car into a firebreathing racer.

Customer Story May 01, 2023

Delivering a First Class Flight Experience

See how captains of industry prefer a small waterjet for aviation, cutting materials quickly and affordably for production and prototyping.

Customer Story April 25, 2023

Science and STEM Are The Future of Education

The brand-new Becker County Museum is host to an amazing display of modern manufacturing technology, with an entire floor dedicated to science. The museum is quickly becoming the pride of Minnesota, and they have produced a video to share their mission with the public.

Customer Story April 17, 2023

Global Circuit Board Manufacturer Embraces Failure Testing

De-risking designs and finding failure points before production begins is critical to the success of any project.

Customer Story, Guide April 10, 2023

Watch 2 Brothers Make a Table from Recycled Plastic

The guys at Brothers Make have been collecting DVD cases and shredding them down into recycled plastic stock for their latest projects. This video is their take on a stained glass window, but using plywood and recycled plastic instead.