Engineering Intern

Why we need you

WAZER is the first ever desktop waterjet cutter bringing universal cutting with digital precision to every workshop, big or small. Creating a first of its kind product was no easy feat, but since then we have proven the product and are scaling up! A brand new assembly facility has just been created and we are beginning to staff it.  We are looking for an energetic, adaptable and clever team that can think on their feet to solve problems that pop up as well as work to continuously improve our systems and processes. Tired of being a tiny step in a larger process? Take ownership of your work and help bring this brand new product to its many eager customers, while having an opportunity for career growth and development.


  • This is a Production, Operations, and Manufacturing heavy internship.
  • Work alongside WAZER engineers to participate in and own continuous improvement projects to reduce assembly time, improve quality, and increase efficiency
  • Work alongside WAZER operations to make sure inventory is being properly tracked, containers are on schedule, and data is being transferred appropriately between systems within the company
  • Work alongside the production team to assemble, test, inspect, and pack WAZER units from raw parts… and compete with them in their weekly assembly races!
  • Learn:
    • how to assemble WAZERs from raw parts to inspected finished product going out to customers
    • how a production line runs and operates
    • how different manufacturing processes are selected and impact the production process
    • how overseas manufacturing, operations, and logistics come together in the operations of a vertically integrated company


  • Pursuit of an engineering or technical degree (near completion or just completed)
  • Portfolio showing some of your physical hands-on projects – enthusiasm to learn and a “whatever it takes” attitude
  • Demonstrated ability to work with your hands – familiarity with basic hand tools and power tools is a MUST. Pride in the quality of one’s work.
  • Participant in the maker community or just a general DIY’er – passion about WAZER’s mission of bringing affordable digital cutting solutions to makers, small business, artisans, and schools
  • Ability to commute to Yonkers, NY without the need of public transportation
  • You have worked on a project that spanned or interacted with multiple engineering disciplines


  • Experience working in an assembly facility 
  • Participant in the maker community or just a DIY’er
  • Trade or technical background
  • Passion about WAZER’s mission of bringing affordable digital cutting solutions to makers, small business, artisans, and schools.


This is a PAID full-time or part-time internship for 3-6 months. This is intended as a fall internship however if you are available let us know and we can accommodate you.  Availability of a future full-time position to apply for is possible, but not guaranteed to be available.


We’ve located ourselves in Yonkers, NY.  You’ll be working in an environment that is simultaneously our office, ideation studio, research lab, workshop, and final product assembly center, all under one roof. This allows us to collaborate and learn each other’s area of expertise, providing better solutions to our customers. Our facility becomes a playground in the off hours. You are encouraged to design, make, and work on whatever personal projects you may have at the time. You may see brewing equipment, race car parts, and art pieces around the office. Who knows what inspiration we use for the next problem we need to solve!


To apply, write us a quick explanation about why you think you would be a good fit for this role. Resume and references are always welcome.