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January 2, 2022
WAZER Water Jet Company Launches Community Forum
Wazer user forum

Literally thousands of people use WAZER or have interest in it! That’s why we’re introducing the WAZER Community Forum – to give all of you the opportunity to share with each other. We hope you join (it’s free) and enjoy participating.

The WAZER community forum aims to facilitate all the people around the world: WAZER users, water jet enthusiasts, or anyone learning about the world’s first desktop waterjet. In the WAZER Community Forum, you may:

  • hear the latest news from WAZER
  • jump into a discussion with a friend
  • post feedback about WAZER
  • ask for help regarding problems
  • share your projects

The WAZER Support team will work alongside the Forum users, to ensure no rules are broken, promptly provide news/updates, and occasionally join in the discussions to help answer questions or share some insights.

Join for free today, and create your own WAZER Forum account at https://community.wazer.com. Once you are in, please explore around, read several posts, start a discussion, or share a project!