Prepare Students for the Modern World

Waterjet Cutting
for Every School

Foster student learning and creativity by giving them access to modern equipment that was never available to schools before. Expose them to technologies, materials and experiences that they will need to advance. From high schools to universities, and from science programs to art, schools around the world are adding WAZERs to their classroom experience.

wazer waterjet in school aeronautics lab

Prepare Students for Industry Work

You are teaching the designers and engineers of tomorrow. Prepare your students for the real world by giving them access to the same set of tools that they will have in industry.

See how aerospace engineering students at CU Boulder use a waterjet to cut aluminum, steel & carbon fiber.

students discussing design project

Make Robots out of Metal

Robots need to be durable, so they should be made out of strong materials. Too often student projects are made entirely from acrylic, when aluminum would be more appropriate. Expose your students to a wider variety of materials, and let them make things that are built to last.

gasket design for waterjet cutting

Students learn new Skills for the Modern Workplace

Today’s workplace goes from digital design to robotic production. Students need to be ready. Now, your students can take their imaginations from CAD to WAZER’s WAM software, and then to CNC waterjet cutting. WAZER makes it all possible.

assembling waterjet cut components

Unleash your Students’ Project Work

Student projects should not be constrained by limited technology. With WAZER in the shop or studio, your students can make the parts they need quickly and affordably, with their own hands.

See how Chris, an engineering student, used a waterjet to cut rubber, plastic and copper to test his water-cooled CPU design

water cutting

Waterjets are the new tool for every shop or classroom

Large-scale manufacturers have used waterjets for years, but, until now, schools have been unable to make them available to students. Learn how waterjets work, and why students need to gain hands-on exposure to them in the classroom, shop or lab.

Learn more about waterjet technology

Students can Cut Any Material.
In Your Own Shop or Classroom.

water jet cut steel engine bracket
Mild Steel Engine Tab
43 min
waterjet cut intricate sprocket
Aluminum Bicycle Sprocket
1h 36m
water jet cut glass star
Stained Glass Star
3 min
waterjet cut tile design
Ceramic Tile Quatrefoil
2 min
waterjet cut HDPE test coupon
HDPE Testing Coupon
17 min
water jet cut carbon fiber drone body
Carbon Fiber RC Car Chassis
27 min
waterjet cut rubber silicone gasket
Silicone Pipe Gasket
23 sec
water jet cut packing foam
Polyurethane Foam Packaging
3 min

Used by Teachers and Students from High School to College

Bobby Hodgkinson

Anything that happens in industry, the students are fully capable of prototyping and manufacturing.

Matt Rhode
Machine Shop Manager

The students come up with everything. So we need to be able to meet that need, and cut into everything.

Andrew Saweikis
Rockland BOCES

By bringing in WAZER and other CNC platforms, it allows students to see where the future is going, and gives them the foundational skill to use that same machine in the future.

The first desktop waterjet

Teachers from high schools to universities can now prepare their students for today’s modern work environment. WAZER is affordable for any school budget, safe for students, and fits into any lab or shop.

Discuss waterjet cutting for your classroom or lab