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Customer Story
June 7, 2022
Functional prototyping with Wazer CNC waterjet and D.I.Wire
Wazer water jet cut sheet metal enclosure


Pensa Labs teamed up with us to demonstrate the power and speed of bringing two metal digital fabrication tools together. By combining the D.I.Wire Pro wire bending and the WAZER waterjet sheet metal cutting, we could quickly bring to life a high-quality and functional 3D metal design. 

How we improve the fabrication process?

The D.I.Wire Pro and WAZER waterjet cutter are CNC technologies that enable the user to create parts that are durable enough to be used for functional prototypes or final parts. Both machines can be configured to work with a wide range of materials, and are easy and quick to use, providing a straightforward user experience.

Outsourcing metal prototyping can be expensive and time consuming.  However, by incorporating the D.I.Wire Pro and WAZER in-house, part developers can iteratively test their designs using the final material, and then continue to use the machine for small batch production. This shortens the development time and will get your parts to market sooner.  

What we built

Using wire and sheet metal we designed a basket with a removable cage to contain parts that could easily be put in and taken out of our ultrasonic cleaner.  Being made out of stainless it is resilient to most chemicals we put into the bath so we don’t need to worry about it corroding or degrading over time.  Quick to design, quick to make, functional for our lab, and will last for years… What more can we ask for from a set of shop tools?

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