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Customer Story
September 20, 2022
With a CNC waterjet, this Machinist takes all kinds of jobs
keith fenner

Keith Fenner is an expert Machinist, and that’s why his customers bring him challenging jobs. In these videos, Keith rebuilds parts for his clients and restores machinery in his shop, working in materials from aluminum and steel, to shim stock and cork. Keith’s craftsmanship, knowledge, and attention to detail are legendary. Now with a WAZER in his shop, Keith takes his talents to new levels.

Here are six videos for six projects where Keith made good use of his WAZER:

  1. Keith repairs an aluminum turbine blade, to keep a customer in operation
  2. The Radar Mast Project: The mechanic at a construction site needed custom parts, so Keith used his WAZER to solve the problem
  3. Customer Support and the Soft Rinse: Keith needed help from WAZER Customer Support
  4. Job Shop Tooling: An obsolete part on his drill sharpening machine had broken, so Keith reverse-engineering the design and cut replacement parts on his WAZER
  5. Cutting Bearing Cap Shims: Keith was rebuilding his 1940’s lathe, and needed a set of shims to fit that legacy machine. Problem solved with his WAZER
  6. Put a Cork in it: Keith cuts metal, plus a lot more. Keith shows how to cut cork gaskets on the WAZER