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Customer Story
February 1, 2023
Glass Signs Made only with a Small Waterjet

Eric Schwartz, the owner of Boston-based InFusion Art Glass, began his journey in glass more than 40 years ago. Besides being a master craftsman, he has also developed a unique “carved frit” process and 3D methodology for fabricating fused glass pieces that converts a 2D photograph into a 3-dimensional embossed glass piece.

Nevertheless, Eric suffers from many of the same challenges as other glass artists: tedious hand cutting, need for edge finishing, difficulty in cutting certain shapes, and a lack of repeatable accuracy. 

This is why he purchased a WAZER.  Eric has been successfully cutting glass using conventional techniques for over 40 years, but he noted “I now make pieces that were simply not possible before I had my WAZER.” The CNC precision of the waterjet is far superior to conventional carbide wheel glass cutters for cutting “impossible” shapes repeatedly. This can be seen in the incredibly intricate inlays, overlays, and shapes that he cut in glass for custom signs such as these.

“I’ve just begun tapping into the creative freedom for glass that the WAZER provides”

Even though he has already created some amazing pieces using his WAZER, Eric still feels “I’ve just begun tapping into the creative freedom for glass that the WAZER provides.” Even with his broad skill set, more than 25% of his projects now originate on the WAZER, a testimony to the value it provides to an experienced artist such as Eric.

Take away the limitations of glass and cut what’s in your heart with an affordable small waterjet cutter from WAZER.