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Customer Story
January 31, 2023
Desktop Waterjet makes precise, fast and safe Stone Cutting

Matt Halliday started Stone Age Guitar in 2017 because of his passion for music. From his home workshop in Vermont, he has been creating unique guitar picks from a very unlikely material: stone. While they are appreciated for their natural beauty, they also produce a unique tone that is favored by guitarists all around the world.

Matt originally cut his picks by hand from agate sheets using carbide or diamond cutting wheels, but this was a very labor-intensive process, with high costs for blades and health concerns from the dust. The process was also inaccurate, and had a very high percentage of breakage. This is why he turned to the WAZER in 2020 and saw his success rate increase dramatically. Matt now enjoys a 5x increase in production speed.  Plus, Matt is now cutting batches of blanks on the WAZER in an assembly line fashion, and it only takes 1/10 the time it did before to cut these blanks without the high failure rate of hand cutting. He noted how the WAZER has impacted his end product, adding “WAZER has changed the product itself by being so much more accurate, the end product is now way more phenomenal!

“I wouldn’t be able to make these products without the WAZER”

In addition to cutting stone picks,  Matt is also cutting premade aluminum enclosures for guitar electronics. He can now rapidly prototype a new design and produce customer-ready products without expensive and time-consuming outsourcing. He added, “I wouldn’t be able to make these products without the WAZER.