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Customer Story
October 19, 2022
CNC waterjet cuts Fixtures and Parts for Automotive Shop
mechanics using custom fixturing made on a waterjet cutter to repair a Jaguar engine

Jim’s Automotive Machine Shop are experts at the complex job of tearing down and rebuilding engines to perfection. This often requires just-in-time creativity, to make fixtures, parts or tools, and that’s why a WAZER in their shop helps solve every-day challenges.

Here are three videos of how they cut fixtures, custom parts and tools:

  • In the first video they were rebuilding the engine from a 1968 E-Type Jaguar, and needed a custom fixture to hold the cylinder head. Problem solved with the WAZER.
  • In just 60 seconds, the second video shows how they needed a custom-designed part right away, turned to their WAZER and cut the part same-day.
  • In the final video, they are rebuilding a big-block 396 Chevy engine, and needed to balance the crankshaft to within a gram. Their WAZER cut precision bobweights for the crankshaft balancing machine.