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December 13, 2022
Waterjet Cutting Enables Medical Device Innovation
small waterjet cutter bed

This article for Today’s Medical Developments notes that small-format waterjets such as the WAZER, are arguably one of the most important tools found in the typical R&D lab. The reasoning is quite simple. Free of the constraints of which materials you can work with, waterjet cutting technology enables innovation.

WAZER Co-Founder and CEO, Nisan Lerea, recently highlighted this in Today’s Medical Developments. While other cutting technologies offer CNC precision, none offer the ability of the water jet to cut any material without the need to change tooling, and (most importantly) without altering the original properties of the material being cut.

When a small waterjet is combined with other additive or subtractive technologies, the end result is a design that has been risk assessed and proven far beyond what could have been previously accomplished using a limited set of tools. By removing these limits, the focus is on designs without constraints-leading to innovation.