wazer pro trade-up program

Current customers get 32% Off!

$18,999 MSRP

Pay Only $12,999

(trade-in required)

WAZER PRO trade-up program

32% discount for current WAZER owners!

Buy a new WAZER Pro

WAZER Pro is our most powerful and productive waterjet.

Get 32% immediate discount!

Trade-in your current WAZER, and we’ll take 32% off the price of a WAZER Pro. You save upfront (not a rebate or refund).

No Downtime

We'll ship your WAZER Pro first. Return your current WAZER after you get the new WAZER Pro.

We pay shipping of both machines

We cover shipping of both your new WAZER Pro, plus return of your current machine

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Trade up to WAZER Pro.

Trade up to WAZER Pro.
wazer owners GET 32% off with our trade-up program.

Why Trade-up to WAZER Pro

  • Cuts 2-4x faster using the same abrasive rate
  • Cuts thick materials – up to 1″ aluminum or 0.375″ steel
  • Runs 90 minutes between abrasive refills
  • Keep cutting – collects all used abrasive while cutting
  • Absolute-zero locating
  • Same small footprint – 36” wide x 24” deep x 55” high

WAZER Pro Facts

Power (North America)220V / 60Hz, 16.1A, 3700W
Water InfrastructureSame as current WAZER
ConsumablesSame WAZER abrasive, cut beds and nozzles
Size36” x 24” x 55” (Same small footprint, just taller)
WAM SoftwareSame WAZER WAM software
File TypesSame .dxf and .svg files types
Weight375 lbs (empty tank) / 800 lbs (filled tank)

WAZER Pro Trade-Up Details

Discount32% immediate discount on a WAZER Pro.
The discount is applied to your purchase price, not a refund or rebate. If you do not send us your WAZER Desktop within 60 days of receiving your WAZER Pro, you will be charged the $6,000 that was originally discounted.
Your PriceWAZER Pro for only $12,999 instead of $18,999
No DowntimeWe’ll ship your WAZER Pro first. Set it up, and then return your current machine.
We Pay Shipping WAZER will cover shipping charges for both the new WAZER Pro and for returning your current machine anywhere in the continental United States. Shipping charges will apply for customers in Alaska, Hawaii, Canada and Mexico.
QualificationsNorth American Customers only.
Trade-in of your current WAZER Desktop is required.
Payment Plan OptionGet WAZER Pro Trade-Up for $4,999 down and $359/mo for 24 months.

Trade up to WAZER Pro.

Trade up to WAZER Pro.
GET 32% off.