Express your Artistry.

Waterjet Cutting Revolutionizes the Studio

Making complex parts for artistic projects has always involved tedious labors of love. With WAZER, now you can eliminate the frustrating labor, and enjoy the output.

glass artistry

Grow your business

With the WAZER cutting your pieces, you spend less time on manual labor, and more time being creative. WAZER is like having another person do the tedious work for you.

See how WAZER is like having an extra person in the studio, at Allison Eden Studios.

glass artist discussing her use of the water jet machine

Modernize your studio

Use WAZER as a robot. Let it do your repetitive work of cutting shapes over and over with complete reliability, so that every finished project is just as you intended.

See how Glass Underground Studio has automated the manufacturing of glass pieces using WAZER.

interlocking tile design cut on a water jet cutting machine

Cut the shapes you always dreamed of but never thought possible

No need to shy away from creating your wildest imaginations. WAZER can cut complex curves and concave shapes, out of fragile materials such as glass or precious metals.

waterjet cut stone nd metal Settlers of Catan game board

Make beautiful artwork from precious materials

Don’t let production challenges limit your creativity. WAZER frees you to focus on growing your business – and your artistry.

See how Chris made the first Settlers of Catan board from real stone: marble, granite, onyx and slate

waterjet cut metal jewelry

Be a jeweler, not a metal cutter

Turn sheet metal into jewelry, and avoid the hand-cutting.

See how Nicole preserved the polished surface-finish on the sheet metal as she cut her earrings.

glass artisan and waterjet cutter

Waterjets are the new tool for any studio

While large-scale manufacturers have used waterjets for years, the technology is new to most artists and small businesses. Learn how waterjets work, and why they are ideal for cutting intricate, fragile, and artistic components in your own studio.

Make Art in Any Material. In Your Own Studio.

water jet cut glass star
Stained Glass Star
3 min
waterjet cut tile design
Ceramic Tile Quatrefoil
2 min
water jet cut stone tile
Marble Tile Mosaic
5 min
water jet cut metal earrings
Brass Earrings
5 min
water jet cut stone design
Granite Ornament
40 min
waterjet cut glass coral design
Fused Glass Coral
6 min
waterjet cut tool steel knife blank
Tool Steel Knife Blank
47 min
waterjet cut ceramic tile insert
Porcelain Tile Mosaic
20 min

Used by Artists in All Media

Allison Eden
Allison EdeN STUDIOS

We are able to cut so much more without breakage, and we can be more efficient.

Meryl Raiffe
Glass Underground

All the things that nobody can cut… we wouldn’t be cutting things like this (without WAZER).

Aaron NicholL
Nicholl Plaster Mouldings

Normally it would take you 2 hours, whereas the WAZER would cut it in 20 minutes. Maintaining our trade has been reinforced with your machine.

The Waterjet for any Studio

With WAZER, artists and designers can now let the machine do the tedious manual work, freeing them to focus on their business and creativity.

Learn how you can transform your work